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I embark with one question, if you work hard and play hard, do you deserve the best?


Why Shoes?

Firstly, I love high heels but when I went looking for shoes that were elegant and comfy and after searching for years with no luck, I decided to design my own. I cannot be the only woman who wants to look good in heels without the pain. The trick with my designs and fabrics is that they are crafted using the finest quality leather and designed to deliver our distinctive connection between the old and new, epitomising what it is to be fresh and sophisticated. Our high heels are entirely constructed from the best quality leathers such as Napa and patent for that luxurious feel and durability; we do not substitute with synthetic linings. All of our designs include a comfortable cushioning layer as part of the insole.



From the chic European Cities of Paris and Milan, the modern Cities of Sydney and Hong Kong, the bright lights of New York and the paradox of India, I have travelled the globe to unite these influences with our range of heels and sandals. We will continue to remain true to our mission - Elegance with style and comfort.


Whether you seek a new pair of shoes for the red carpet, a date night, a formal function, a night out with the girls, or just to spoil yourself, you will be impressed by our extensive range of beautiful shoes, which are assured to make you feel extra special.

My Husband asks “Why do you need so many shoes?”

My answer is simple “Why not? Don’t I deserve them?” That usually stops the interrogation!


Our Principles

Our principles reflect the way we act and what we stand for as the Jaspa King brand.


  1. Entrepreneurial - Wherever we go in the world, we'll always stay true to our international roots. The business began with a Husband and Wife team taking a risk. That pioneering approach and commercial instinct remains.
  2. Innovative - Creativity, and the desire to be leading edge, drives us. It makes our day jobs more exciting, and ensures that we keep inspiring our customers too.
  3. Responsible - Integrity and decency is at our core; it's inherent in us to act properly and treat everyone, whether our people, our suppliers or our customers, with respect and secondly, to aid others in need.
  4. Excellence - It's not just about our high quality product: we believe in excellence in everything we do, it's that simple.We have been fortunate, to have some of the nicest customers possible, many with gentle hearts that often take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to write to us about their experience with our shoes. A recent testimonial from one customer was that she danced the whole night away with no blisters and sores the next day.


The founding principles of Jaspa King have contributed to our success and most importantly, we are having fun creating this business. And every day, our hearts glow with pride, as another one of our shoes is placed in a secure box, and sent off..... to their new owners.


About Jaspa King

Jaspa King was launched in 2013 in Sydney Australia. The name “Jaspa” comes from the initials from our 3 kids whilst “King” is the English translation of my Husbands Surname “Shah”. As they say, the name has a certain “Je ne sais quoi”.


Yours Sincerely,



Jalni Shah


Jaspa King Pty Ltd



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